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Smooth Manpower Supplies

Team Expertize

As one of the best manpower supply companies in UAE, we assure that all our professionals are highly trained, well-educated, with years of experience in their specific fields of expertise.

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About the Company


SMOOTH MANPOWER SUPPLIES was established in 2005 and has maintained an xcellent track record in the field of contracting and manpower services in several different sectors ranging from blue collar to white collar workers. We have a wide, diverse and dedicated workforce that hail from different parts of the world – Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Ghana and Nigeria

In the 17 years that our company has been active, we have been dedicated to providing the best manpower solutions through our tireless commitment to our clients and and willingness to keep striving to do better. Our reputation preceds us and is built on sheer quality, strict adherence to time schedules and deadlines.

Premium Quality Services

We deliver manpower supply services in the country, consistently with optimum performance, taking pride in the quality of our services ultimately resulting to customer satisfaction.

Bringing Success

We have simply been about doing great work for clients